Know What You Put In Your Body

Learn about our cannabinoid products in Hampton, NH

Many people agree that fruit and vegetables differ depending on where they're grown. The same is true of cannabinoid products. Since CBD is extracted from hemp, where the plant is grown can have a big impact on the final product.

Your CBD Store - Hampton, NH offers a range of broad-spectrum cannabinoids derived from high-quality hemp grown here in the United States. We're dedicated to providing a range of useful hemp and CBD products that provides an abundance of powerful cannabinoids.

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There are several chemicals in CBD products

While our cannabinoid products have less than 0.3% THC content, they contain several other chemicals found in hemp, including:

  • Cannabichromene
  • Cannabinol
  • Cannabigerol
  • Flavonoids
  • Terpenes
We include as many of the plant's powerful substances as possible so you end up with the high-quality product you want. Call 603-929-4223 to get help finding the CBD product for you.